Once a client places a collection claim with Contract Resolve Group we assign that account to a collector that specializes in that clients industry.  This allows our collection team to become familiar with the client and its needs, and it provides more consistency and dependability.  Our collection team strives to be an extension of our client’s business process and to make this integration as simple and cost effective as possible.

Our collection staff team quickly gains an understanding of the client / customer relationship.  In turn, our collectors develop and execute a collection plan that fits the needs of the client and maintains that relationship.  We offer our clients a variety of different services which ultimately helps reduce risk, improve their DSO, and overall profitability.


  • Large Collection Claims
  • Customer Care Approach
  • Investigative Services
  • Legal Networking
  • A/R Management
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Infield Collectors
  • Pre-Litigation
  • Co-Sourcing
  • International Collection Claims


Our collection staff develops a collection strategy and customized approach by using many years of industry experience, work related tools and effective research combined with creative thinking to achieve its superior results.  Our main focus is to collect your money with as little expense as possible. With our in-depth comprehensive reports we will collect your money or validate whether any legal action and extra costs are your final option.

We use a network of attorney’s across the U.S. consisting of the most talented and specialized attorneys in the nation. Our legal network of attorneys works strictly on a contingency basis and only gets paid if their successful in collecting the judgment.