About the Software

Lariat Consulting, LLC is a software development company dedicated to creating advanced web based debt collection software solutions that enable organizations to efficiently conduct business. Our solutions consist of our flagship browser based system, Lariat, described in our White Paper here.

Our development team possesses considerable experience, not only in the latest programming technologies, but in real- world debt collection practices. This level of talent and expertise has helped us to create leading edge software solutions that enhance the collection process of any agency. Our customer base includes debt collection agencies, educational institutions, insurance firms, healthcare organizations, check cashing corporations, government institutions and more located throughout the United States.

The debt collection industry is the core business of Lariat Software. Our product names, Lariat-IP and Lariat-ASP, are browser-based debt collection solutions that provide corporations and agencies with a wide array of tools to manage collection accounts from any Internet or Intranet connected personal computer.

A few of our standard features are:

  • Event Notification system for reminders
  • Simple real-time messaging system
  • Provides a wide range of search options, including the ability to search for debtors from anywhere in the system.
  • Ability to perform mass updates of selected fields with Query & Update.
  • Letter generation based upon the popular PDF format.
  • Allow administrators to set global configuration parameters for themes, security, letters, reports and other various defaults for agents.
  • Provides action/result code business logic that can be customized by the administrator to decrease the amount of effort required by the agent when working a debt.
  • Intuitive interface making it easier to move around and use Lariat.
  • Provides a wide range of administrator defined commissions, fees, payment priorities and aging schedules.
  • Ability to handle multiple debts owned by multiple clients for a single debtor.
  • Import new debtors and debts using the industry standard CSV format.
  • Ability to generate debtor letters so users can maintain constant contact with debtors.
  • Ability to forward accounts to outside collection agencies.
  • Real time snapshot of statistics based on debtors and debts.
  • Built-in client trust accounting and reporting.
  • Custom modules can be created for business specific requirements without impeding upon the core Lariat product.