“Contract Resolve Group is a professional commercial collection agency providing collection services to entities throughout the United States of America and abroad. I am a creditor’s rights attorney in the state of New York and having been handling legal referrals from Contract Resolve Group for almost a decade. I do know that they pursue claims on behalf of their clients in a professional aggressive manner with excellent results. They are extremely successful in collecting on behalf of their clients while at all times maintaining a professional approach. In those instances where legal action is required, it has been my experience that they forward claims as the agent of their client in a diligent and thorough manner. My experience with the company has been entirely positive and I would strongly recommend the agency to persons needing their assistance”. – Creditor’s Rights Attorney, New York

“Contract Resolve Group (CRG) has provided our Company with great collection results. CRG’s team is effective and provides the best customer service to their clients. Even with aged debt on our books that went unsuccessfully collected by our previous collection company, they were able to collect. Highly recommend CRG!” – Credit Manager / Transportation Brokerage Industry

“Very professional collection agency. Staff is very helpful. Management is attentive to details and customer care. I have represented collection agencies large and small for over 40 years and CRG is among the best. CRG handles each claim as if the money was its own not just another collection account.– Commercial Collection Attorney

“I chose Contract Resolve Group based on their reputation for collecting past due monies and reasonable outside collection fees.  Our company relies on CRG’s legal relationships, when necessary, to tackle the debtors refusing to pay when due diligence indicates an actual ability to pay but the debtor refuses to.  Contract Resolve Group also undertook a review of our internal credit review process and worked with us to make improvements and tighten up our procedures. As a result of providing unparalleled customer service, Contract Resolve Group worked themselves out of some work in the short term due to less bad debt requiring outside collection assistance but also ensured that we would remain a loyal client in the long run to meet our needs as and when they arise.” – Executive Vice President / National Wholesale Insulation Company

“Contract Resolve Group has been a valuable and trusted partner to my company’s AR department for years. They provide swift and effective service, good tracking for the accounts they are working on and a level of professionalism not always found in the collections industry. As a credit manager who has benefited from their efforts many times over, I whole-heartedly endorse them and would recommend Contract Resolve Group to anyone in need of their service.” – Credit Manager / National Wholesale Electric Company

“The CEO of Contract Resolve Group has been collecting domestic and international debts for my company for 25 years.  He has always been professional and conducted himself and his company in a professional manner.  He is honest and you can take what he tells you to the bank!  I am proud to recommend Contract Resolve Group for all of your collection needs.” – Worldwide Sales Manager / Oil & Tool Company

“A very important function of an experienced credit manager is to establish a strong partnership with an extremely efficient commercial collection agency.  In my 32 years of commercial collections experience, I have utilized numerous collection agencies from time to time and I have found that most of these companies to be ineffective in their attempts to collect accounts referred to them.  To date, Contract Resolve Group and the collection team have successfully collected all of our accounts placed for collections.  This includes foreign debtors as well as those located domestically.  I continue to be extremely pleased with the performance of Contract Resolve Group under the direction of their CEO.” – Corporate Credit Manager / Worldwide Wholesale Plastic Company

“Over the past three years, Contract Resolve Group has engaged in efficient and professional Commercial Collections with a  95% success rate. They follow and understand all Federal Guidelines for Commercial Collections, while working hard to preserve a relationship with our customers throughout the collection process. As a Credit Manager for over 30 years, Contract Resolve Group is one of the best agency’s I have worked with in the Dallas / Ft.Worth TX area. The owners are hands on and you feel like they’re working for only your company” – Credit Manager / National Wholesale Boiler Company

“Contract Resolve Group is one of the best collection agencies to work with. They have really got a lot of our past due customers to pay us when we couldn’t get them to communicate with us. They are prompt in paying us after our customer has paid them. I recommend  business’s to use Contract Resolve Group” – Credit & Collections Manager / National Wholesale Medical Company

“We have used several agencies, but we have discovered that only a few give the service they espouse to during their initial contact and explanation of what can be expected when we turn accounts over to them for collection.  Contract Resolve Group has backed up the talk with real action.  It is not often we have to turn an account over to a third party for collection, however, when that need came about, it has given our company a piece of mind knowing that on those occasions we have now found a firm that delivers exactly what it has promised.  From the time the account is transferred to Contract Resolve Group we are advised of the action to be taken, a continuing updated status, and alternatives offered to bring the collection of the account to fruition sooner.  We have worked with CRG who has always shown professionalism, integrity, and a willingness to listen.  The collectors have demonstrated the ability to do what they do best as well…..COLLECT!” – Credit Manager / National Wholesale Equipment Development Co.

“Contract Resolve Group is very effective in collecting our most complex files.  They’re very knowledgeable to our industry making them fully capable of handling all situations that may arise while contacting past due accounts, saving me a lot of time. Our remit is done promptly and not held any longer than it takes for the funds to clear, which is rare in the collection agency industry. I truly value the relationship built with CRG. I highly recommend Contract Resolve Group to anyone in search of collection assistance.” – Corporate Collection Representative, National Heavy Equipment Rental Corporation